The Abrams Group has over Twenty years of experience with installing, constructing and building hardscapes all over Central Indiana. Our designers have created beautiful alternative landscapes for our clients. We the design know-how and the expertise to recommend not only beautiful ideas and materials but also recommend fully functional hardscape designs that bring together traditional landscaping and this modern addition to landscaping.

Typical Hardscape Job Steps

 #1 Design Process – Our expert design team will work with you to develop several designs that fit your needs and your budget.  Or we can work off your own concept!

#2 Site Prep – Includes but not limited to Excavation and Demolition, Formwork, Subgrade Preparatio, and Reinforcement

#3 Placing Hardscapes– Our highly skilled crew will be scheduled to come in and place the pavers.  We take great pride in this step and always look forward to getting your project completed.

#4 Finishing Touches – After the project has been placed we will prepare the finishing touches such as: Applying sand, Site Clean Up, Rake Areas, Power Wash surrounding areas if necessary,and lots more!

Unlike others, we use only concrete for the base of hardscapes where applicable.  This beats the freeze and thaw cycle and keeps your pavers from waving for years to come.  We offer you many colors and patterns to choose from, you’re limited only by your imagination.

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